What makes AutoBio unique?
How do I register my Tag?
Where do I find the PIN to register my Tag?
Do I need a separate AutoBio tag for each vehicle I own?
Who writes the AutoBio story?
Can I change my story and pictures after I publish it?
How do I write a story someone actually wants to read?
Who can view my story?
How many pictures can I include?
Any tips for taking good photos of my vehicle?
Will the AutoBio technology work on my phone?
Does AutoBio offer a service to write my story for me?
Can I remove my story from the AutoBio site?
What's your return/refund policy?
Is my information secure?
How do I apply the AutoBio Tag to my vehicle?
Where on my vehicle should I put my AutoBio Tag?
Will the AutoBio tag hurt my car? Can I remove it?
How do I clean my AutoBio Tag?
Can I get a replacement Tag?
What if my AutoBio Tag is lost or stolen?
My AutoBio Tag won't work…help!
I've forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it?
How can I change my Username?
Can I transfer a Tag to a different vehicle?
Does my AutoBio Tag expire?
My spouse and I both own the vehicle, do we need separate logins?
Can I give AutoBio as a gift?
Do I have to purchase a Tag to read the stories?
I just bought a vehicle and it has an AutoBio Tag on it. What do I do now?
I'm selling my vehicle. What happens to my AutoBio Tag?
I'm not receiving AutoBio emails, even though I'm subscribed.
Can I get custom printed AutoBio Tags for my Club?
Do you offer special pricing for Clubs?
I'd like to put an AutoBio Tag on my boat, motorcycle, truck, aircraft…is that allowed?
Can I put my AutoBio Tag on a show card instead of on my vehicle?
Do AutoBio Tags come in a format other than the cling?

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